Friday, December 7, 2007

Time and temperature

Two things.

First, am I alone in thinking this is a very cool clock?

And second, the heating repair guy is finally coming to my apartment tomorrow morning. I am very lucky that my boss is cool enough to let me go into work late so that I can be here to facilitate the heating of my home. It sounds very sad that, nearing the Ides of December, I am just now getting heat. Between this and the post about my plumbing, it must sound like I live in a dive in the ghetto. I don't. But it's true that I have no heat in my apartment, except for some space heaters in my bedroom and bathroom. So Edison and I have to bundle and cuddle in the living room to avoid freezing in the evenings, and that has gone on long enough. So here's hoping it won't go on much longer.


amelia said...

Um...I'm going to be honest...yes, mostly because I like just glancing at a clock to know what time it is and this one would take more than a glance. Hurray for heat! And I'm very glad to hear the plumber was a nice guy!

Joe said...

I love that clock so much that I'm voting for it for president. If it doesn't win, then I'll send one like it to whoever the "real" president is.

But I have to agree with Amelia that it would take more than a glance to figure out what time it is. Then again, regular clocks take more than a glance. Actually, I don't even know how to tell time on a regular clock. Bye.

doug said...

Haha, well I usually just use analog clocks to get a general sense of what time it is - like is it close to the new hour, or is it still early in the old hour? I never use them for precise time-telling. :)