Friday, July 4, 2008

Car for sale!

I think my previous post may have been my most controversial yet. Not that this is a particularly controversial blog, but my last post resulted in tons of comments, text messages, phone calls, etc., with some people wholeheartedly supporting my thoughts of selling my car and some people heartily against it. It's a tough decision, for sure, and it's probably especially hard for people who don't live in such a transit-friendly city to understand. But I've decided what I'm doing.

I'm selling my car.

Yup. I'm doing it. I've already signed up for my Zipcar account. (I get a discount because my employer has a corporate account!) Since my last post, I perused Craigslist and saw that the Prius that were for sale on there were asking much more than the Blue Book value, so I figure I can get even more for it than I thought. (Maybe even more than I originally paid!) Most of those Craigslist posts are through dealerships, no less, and the Prius is in such high demand, especially out here in the East, that dealerships have waiting lists as long as six months!

I am pretty excited about this decision, but trust me: There are mixed emotions. It's not the concern that a lot of people expressed. It's not that I'm worried about losing the freedom having a car affords me. Zipcar offers pretty close to the same freedom. (I've been specifically noticing Zipcar spots throughout the city since I've been considering this, and they are literally EVERYWHERE.) It's just that, as I said in my last post, I've wanted a Prius since they were first released in 1999 or 2000 or whenever it was. I've had a Prius magnet on my fridge ever since I had my first apartment in 2001. The day I finally decided to go ahead and buy one is one of my happiest recent memories. The day I actually drove it home is an even happier one! I am not really one to get emotionally attached to physical objects. Selling my old car, the beloved Talula the Protege, was tough, because she was my first car and I had her for so long. (I know, I hate it when people call cars "she" too.) But this one will be extra tough. Every time I've given someone a ride in the Prius, I've been That Cool Kid with the Prius. People are so wowed by it. And rightfully so. What a great car!

Then again, I haven't had the six or seven years to bond with the Prius that I had with Talula. In fact, the Prius doesn't even have a name. So that helps.

Oh, and did I mention - I am going to be saving SO MUCH MONEY! I will probably have an actual balance in my savings account for the first time since college! And no debt! And no worries about insurance or parking spots or regular maintenance or keeping it clean. No more will I fret when I see broken glass on the street (I see it all the time here!) and realize that cars parked in D.C. are anything but safe.

I may be jumping the gun. The Craiglist posting just BARELY went up. Maybe no one will want to buy. Maybe I'll find myself stuck with a car AND a Zipcar account. But I doubt it.

Girl, I'm gonna miss you:


Joe said...

Good luck, Doug. Here's hoping it sells fast. Maybe Zipcar has Priuses to borrow. Then you won't feel too far away. Maybe you could sell your car to Zipcar. Then rent it back!

Jacelle said...

well i am sure you won't have a problem selling it. It's easier that you haven't named her. My car's name is Abigail. She is gonna be paid off this summer and that will ramp up our relationship quite a bit. Good luck.

doug said...

Thanks for your luck-wishes, Joe and Tiff. (I've already had two e-mails!) And yep, Joe, Zipcar does indeed have Priuses, and since they use less gas they are cheaper than some of the other cars to rent!

Also, Tiff, in case you didn't follow the link to the Craigslist posting, I have made provisions for the possibility that I could someday decide to move out of D.C. - I'd actually be in a better position to buy a new car, this time sans credit card or any other debt! So you don't have to worry that this means I'll never move back. :)

Will and Michelle Ridd said...

Oh, I remember well the sad day my first car was tragically murdered. It was very tramatic going to the demolition yard and claiming my remaining possessions from her mangled body. Rest in peace Neptune.

amelia said...

Dang, you have a sexy car.

(And glad you clarified the moving/not moving part. However, we need to have a discussion with Tiff on moving...)