Friday, August 8, 2008

SYTYCD - some thoughts

When I think about it, it's amazing the percentage of my blog readers who watch So You Think You Can Dance, so I don't mind sharing a couple of thoughts about last night's finale.

First, watch this now, while you still can - it never takes long before So You Think You Can Dance YouTubes are pulled for copyright violation.

And now, some thoughts.

  • Hooray for Joshua! Definitely well-earned, and it couldn't have been a nicer guy. (I guess. I mean, of course, I don't know him, but he seems like a really nice guy.)
  • Bringing back so many people from previous seasons was a lot of fun, but where in the world were Sabra and Danny? Sabra's absence, especially, was weird, since she was the only previous winner not to appear on the finale. Strange that Jesus and Cedric, for example, and others who didn't make it all that far on their respective seasons, were there, but no Sabra and no Danny.
  • Wow. Was it just me, or does it look like Neil has been using heroine or something?
  • Was it just a coincidence that when the judges picked their favorite performances to recap, both the first and last ones of the night were Katee and Joshua (Bollywood first, and "No Air" at the end), and it just so happens that Katee was winner among the girls and Joshua was the overall winner? I'm not complaining – those were two of my favorite numbers from the season – but it's just another example of this show's sometimes-transparency.
  • I was kind of sad that none of the judges picked Mark and Chelsea's Mia Michaels weird-wedding dance as one of their favorites, but other than that, I think all of my favorites were represented.
  • It may have been cheesey, but I really liked seeing both Mary and Nigel dance.
  • I was annoyed with Twitch when, after Katee was named as the second non-winner of the top 4, and everyone was cheering for her, he turned around as he was leaving the stage and celebrated and acted like he thought the audience was cheering for him. He sort of made up for it with his seemingly sincere happiness for Joshua at the end of the show.
  • Strange, also, that several times Cat referred to the "top 20," saying, "Here are your top 20" and things like that, but Jessica wasn't there - and they really didn't mention her at all.


Will and Michelle Ridd said...

YAY!!! My favorite thing about Joshua is that he chose dancing over football & track... I'm sure that he got some flack for it, but he did it anyway - hooray for following your heart!!!

Jacelle said...

Some thoughts...I was absolutely ecstatic when Josh won. I may or may not have clapped along with the audience. I as was also bummed that they didn't do the weird wedding dance because that was one of my faves and didn't so much love Courtney and Mark's "Garden" dance. I also was amazed at the fact that the top four was in a million dances last night and they were only slightly draggin ass. And I LOVED Josh and Katee's Wade Robson lyrical. Wow it touched me. Just to make you jealous..Amelia and I have tickets for when they come to Utah. Raise the roof

amelia said...

GO JOSHUA!!! I wanted him to win, but was so nervous it would be Twitch because he's been such a fan favorite for years. So happy Josh won. So happy it came down to two hip-hop dancers. Twitch was being super cocky that night, in addition to him thinking the Katee cheers were for him, the producer had to like pull him off the stage after he gave him his ridiculously-large bouquet.

(Another thing Tif pointed out that was driving me crazy both nights....JOSH HAS HAD PROFESSIONAL DANCE TRAINING NIGEL!!! Quit saying "I'm amazed you're untrained.")