Thursday, October 9, 2008

Really nice video

There is something indescribably moving about this video to me. I wanted to just embed it here, but for some reason you can't view embedded YouTubes in high quality - and this one needs to be viewed in high quality. On that note: Be sure to click "watch in high quality" at the bottom of the video screen. But seriously, go watch this video.


Jacelle said...

I know!! when I first saw it I totally teared up at the end and I could get it together...and there...i did it again. I thought I was just an overly sensitive baby so its good to know it just wasn't me. "Indescribably moving" are perfect words for it. But think there is just something about people all over the earth, from completely different worlds and cultures, coming together with something in common. It really is beautiful, touching, brilliant. Thanks for singin my song.

Jacelle said...

And by tear up I mean sniffing with tears dripping down my cheeks