Monday, June 22, 2009

Hobnobbing here amongst the elite

Just a quick update to let you all know that I'm surrounded by celebrities and/or pseudo-celebrities. First, a few images from last week, when I was walking my dog and about a block away from my house I stumbled into Paul Rudd. He was apparently in town with Owen Wilson, filming at my favorite pre-kickball watering hole, Adams Mill:

And then this, from the world of reality TV. The house where the cast of MTV's The Real World: D.C. is 0.6 miles from my house, as seen in this screen shot of Google Maps' suggested walking route from my house to the Real World house:

Please understand that I have no intention of walking to the Real World: D.C. house, and I haven't watched a season (or even an episode) of that show since the days of Julie, Melissa and Danny in New Orleans. But it's still a little intriguing to think I will live that close to a Real World house.

Now, check out these images I grabbed from the Google Maps Street View of the Real World house. Do you think the MTV people noticed the homeless man sleeping on the stoop? Do you think he'll still be able to catch a nap there when the show is being filmed inside? Ah, the "real world" indeed:


Brian said...

Oh "real world!" Like "The Real World!" AHAHAH I get it!

And no I haven't watched every single episode of the series ever. But if I had, would you judge me?

Yay Paul Rudd!!!

amelia said...

Oh I LOVE Paul Rudd. You have seen "Role Models," right?

And I admit I have watched some of the "Real World" seasons, when they are in locations that interest me (San Diego) or have local people (two from SLC in the last season). And I kind of want you to walk by and take pictures. OK, I really want you to walk by and take pictures.

Jacelle said...

The desire keeps mounting.....