Saturday, January 26, 2008

Adventures in eating

Inspired by Joe and Marie's new food bloggery, I thought I'd share with you all my most recent culinary triumph. OK, that makes it sound like I often have culinary triumphs, and of course I don't. But hopefully I will be having more in the future, because I have realized that cooking for yourself is actually easier than trying to sustain oneself on macaroni and cheese and the like.

So I present to you, West African peanut soup. I guess it's derived from Ghanaian traditions, but it tastes to me a lot like something Thai. Either way, very yummy. You can eat it as a side dish, or do what I did and make a whole meal of it. I boiled some chicken and threw it in (during the last phase, when the peanut butter has been added and it is simmering) to give it a little more substance, but you don't have to. It's delicious with a salad, some crusty bread for dipping, and apples. It goes really well with apples, which you can also dip in the soup. (And this from someone who typically hates apples!)

Note: I probably don't have to remind you of this, but if you have small children, this is probably not a good recipe to try on them because eating peanuts too early in life can lead to severe allergies. And another thing: Don't feed this to anyone who already has peanut allergies, either. A'ight?

In other news, as I type this, there are men in my living room installing a new heater! It's finally happening! :)


amelia said...

HURRAY FOR YOUR HEATER! And that soup sounds yummy!

Marie said...

Thank you for that heart-warming reference to our blog. I think we will try your peanut soup, but be warned that we will be honest about it on our blog. You are right about small children and peanuts. In general, it is safe for them to eat peanut butter after they turn 1. Livvy loves it, and so do Joe and I. We'll let you know what we think!