Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In my last post, I said unaffiliated voters in Utah have missed the deadline for affiliating with a party before the primary. I was wrong. I went back and reread the rules and realized that I misread. If you are registered as a Democrat (or with another party), it's too late to change your registration to Republican in order to vote in the Republican primary. But if you are registered with no party affiliation, you can still vote in Tuesday's Republican primary, as long as you change your registration to Republican at the polling place.

In the Democratic primary, it is likewise too late to change your registration from Republican to Democratic in order to vote Tuesday. If you are unaffiliated, you will be able to vote in the Democratic primary, and unlike the Republican party, you are not required to affiliate at the polling place.

My mistake. I'm sorry. But my point still stands: If you are unaffiliated and want to stay that way, or if you have no interest in voting in the Republican primary (because you think Mitt Romney is a shoe-in, or because you don't like any of the candidates, or for whatever other reason), I still suggest considering voting in the Democratic primary. That was the point of the original post: I don't know a lot of people in Utah who consider themselves Democrats or even Democrat-friendly, so I wanted to point out that they may nonetheless have an interest in voting against Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, so they may want to do the unthinkable and vote in the Democratic primary.

I promise. I have not deliberately misled you. :)


amelia said...


Just kidding. That was a needed post and I enjoyed it. Another plug about Barack: He has started playing Utah-specific commercials here in Utah! He has not given up on the state like the other Democratic (and even Republican) candidates.

Brad said...

I voted for Barack, but after the crap that just happened in west Virginia, I don't think I will bother to vote again until this country fixes the voting system! We now have the technology for my vote to Electoral College, no caucus/delegate fraud crap! Oh well, now I feel better