Monday, June 16, 2008

I posted too soon

So I guess I should learn to be patient before I post on this blog. My last post talked about "Greensburg," a new show on the new Planet Green network. I talked about how in November some students from the town of Greensburg came to Greenbuild, the yearly conference and expo put on by the U.S. Green Building Council (ahem, where I work), and how it was my job to help them find their way around Greenbuild. I posted that I didn't know just what role Greenbuild would play in this show - I figured it would maybe make a small appearance somewhere in a future episode. But shortly after I posted, the kids went to Greenbuild! The last quarter or so of the second episode is dedicated to the kids' trip to Chicago. They talked to our president and CEO, there were clips of President Clinton's speech at Greenbuild, and it was actually a pretty pivotal moment in the show. I didn't realize that it was at Greenbuild that the idea of building the town's buildings to LEED certification first came up. So anyway, definitely track down Planet Green and find a rerun of episode 2 (it's called "Homecoming")!

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amelia said...

I keep seeing commercials for this channel. This show sounds cool! I'm going to have to DVR. How fun that you got to witness part of that first episode.