Saturday, June 7, 2008

A little starstruck

Blogging is a funny thing. It's sort of like walking into a very public place, getting up on a stage, and talking about whatever's on your mind. You know there's an audience out there, but you don't know much about that audience. Sure, you know of a few family and friends who are likely out there. But other than that, you don't know how big that audience is or who else is in it. And yet, somehow, you feel free to just talk and talk and not worry a whole lot about what you say or who's listening.

Throw into that a little tool called Google, and you have to realize that, if you happen to talk about someone by name, there's a chance they are going to find out and stop by to hear what you have to say.

Now, when I blog about well-known people, I think I'm pretty safe in assuming they won't ever be all that interested in what I have to say. I doubt Barack Obama is about to stop by to read my posts about him - after all, there are one or two other people out there blogging about him these days. Likewise, Hillary Clinton probably will never know that All Up Inside This Beltway thinks she's a nepotist who has lost all sense of propriety. That's all well and good. But with celebrities of slightly lesser-known status, there is always the possibility that their new-found fame is still novel enough that if you talk about them, they're likely to perk up and listen.

So I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that Phucdat "Danny" Nguyen, aka Atomic Goofball, one way or another stumbled upon my recent post about his all-too-short stint on "So You Think You Can Dance," his appearance in a street dancing competition here in D.C., and his visit to Crafty Bastards in the fall. Still, it was an unexpected and super-pleasant surprise to find a comment posted by him on that entry, and although I am sure it was a one-time visit, I still have to say: Welcome to my blog, Goofball. And thanks for rocking our socks off. Keep doing what you do! (OK, so that site is currently under construction, but I'll bet it will be pretty rad someday!)

Oh! And speaking of starstruck, did I mention that I met Mo Rocca last week?


Josh said...

Doug Smeath - bless your brother for introducing me to you (more or less) and your blog. I've been reading for months and the posts have been A-grade quality the entire ride.

Debra said...

No way!! That is so extremely amazing that he read your blog AND left a comment. I kind of felt the same way when you left a comment on my blog...:)

doug said...

Welcome, Josh! Nice to meet you. :) If you're a friend of either of my brothers', you must be pretty rad... I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself so far!

And Debra, it's been fun to re-meet you, in your new all-grown-up life! Both of you, hope you'll stick around. And keep commenting. :)

amelia said...

Mo Rocca! Awesome! Bummer this guy didn't make it to top 20 :( But there's four from Utah!