Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey! I know that guy!

First, this assurance: Just because it's "So You Think You Can Dance" season doesn't mean all my posts are going to be dance-related.

That said, did anyone watch last night's show? You may remember my last post about stumbling upon a breaker/b-boy competition on the streets of Chinatown in D.C. last week. You may recall having seen a guy in a green shirt, standing on one hand. You may also recall seeing him in the background of a few other photos. That man was called "Goofball," and he was my favorite performer at the competition.

And, if you watched last night's "Dance" audition show in D.C., you saw him as well. Phucdat Nguyen, aka the Atomic Goofball. He was, as always, fun to watch, though his audition I think failed to show him at his best. He made it through to choreography, but as is common with most breakers on the show, he couldn't make it through that point. Ah, well.

Just now, searching through some YouTubes of Atomic Goofball, I just realized that I also saw him several months ago at an outdoor arts and crafts fair in my neighborhood called Crafty Bastards. Strangely, there are no clips of him on YouTube from the audition yet. But you can find some videos of him on his YouTube page, and I will embed a video from Crafty Bastards here. (And, after that, two of my favorite auditions from last night's show, just for fun.)


amelia said...

You got me addicted to this show. I hope this guy makes it!

atomicgoofball said...

WOW! such a big and great write up about little ol' me! thank you so much! please write to me anytime!

danny aka atomicgoofball