Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flashback post

If the last two posts on this blog bored you, look away - this one will, too. Two subjects in this post, wholly unrelated to each other but connected in some way to the previous two posts.

First, I forgot an important pet peeve, probably the biggest peeve in my life: loud, revving engines on the street, especially motorcycles. It sets my nerves on edge. It takes years off my life. How in the world can anyone think that's cool?

Second, similar to my post suggesting you all check out Build Green Schools to take a tour of a green school, there's this: This Sunday, ABC's popular and much-loved "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" will feature, in its season finale, a home built for a Louisiana family whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and then again by a tornado. The home was built to be hurricane-resistant and, more excitingly, LEED-certified. LEED is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green-building certification system that was created by the U.S. Green Building Council, my employer, and LEED for Homes is our newest LEED rating system. It's the system that I work most closely with as I handle much of our homes-related communications, including the Green Home Guide. Go there to read a feature I wrote on the "Extreme Makeover" home and to find out more about the show, and then watch it this Sunday!


Spenc said...

Motorcycles and cars without Mufflers make me want to throw things and yell obsenities.

Jacelle said...

i would like to live in a treehouse