Thursday, September 11, 2008

A new room for a big boy. Also: Who is THAT?!

Hank's old room got a big-boy makeover, and we got to check it out when Jimmie and Steph were visiting. But here's what's really great: I get to have a sleepover in that big-boy room in just a few days!

And it wasn't just the bedroom that got a makeover. In addition to becoming a big brother, Hank has been trying on a few new looks. Whatta ya think?


amelia said...

Hank has the coolest room! I love the bright colors.

Wendy said...

how many little boys get a dust ruffle around their bed. this kid is pimpin'.

how was the sleepover?!

Desmonds said...

Doug! How are you doing? It looks like you are doing so great! I'm happy to see you have a blog, so I can stay up to date with "Doug's World".