Sunday, November 2, 2008

Better late than never

I've had these photos and videos sitting around for more than a month, since my mom's visit in mid-September, and I just keep forgetting to post them. Better late than never!

We spent much of the visit - including my birthday! - at Virginia Beach. It wasn't the best beach weather, but that just gave Hank a great opportunity to show off his slick slicker - and to do a little dancing in the rain! (Remember, you can click any photo and see it lots bigger.)

An indoor pool meant that the weather wouldn't stop Hank from getting a little swim time in.

Looks like if you ask Julie, this evening in the big rocking chairs was cold cold cold. If you ask Hank and my mom, it was pretty comfortable.

Roxy enjoyed relaxing on her first beach trip.

And we all had a blast riding this "bicycle" built for four to hear the Knack play live on the beach. (And don't believe any of the front-seaters if they tell you they mastered the art of backing up. It was all me!)

Heading back to Richmond...

...where we got to see Grandma and Grandpa again - and even play a little Rock Band with them!

Mom and Julie, we already know you look alike! You don't have to dress the same to prove it!

We learned that Hank is secretly a Twister whiz!

And pretty darn good at Guesstures, too!

Not to mention a really great big brother! (OK, this photo was actually from a visit I made a few weeks later back down to Richmond, but it fits in here nicely.)

Back home in D.C., my mom and I stumbled unexpectedly on this drum circle going on in Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park.


King Jimmie said...

Did they get knew rock band drums?

doug said...

They did get NEW drums. :)

Joe said...

I have so many questions about drum circles that I don't even know what questions are anymore.

Who starts? How do they know when to stop? It's not like they're playing a song or anything. What about the people who show up to dance? Are they just making stuff up? Is a new dance craze being born in that park as I sit here? What about the sweaty shirt guy? Did he smell bad?

Jacelle said...

wow....your grandparents playing Rock Band? That is possibly one of the coolest pics every....

amelia said...

How I love thee Rock Band. And these kids are adorable.