Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When Obama won Utah

Oh, New York Times, when 0% of precincts have reported and you just have a few Salt Lake City numbers in, it's no good to color Utah blue. Still. This is something you won't see often in your life.


King Jimmie said...

I was a little disappointed with Utah... I had so much hope for a closer outcome. I fear that too many, like my own younger brother, are hesitant to vote in Utah because of the more-or-less guaranteed outcome, and because of an unwillingness to go out of one's way to vote when a Democratic vote in Utah is "wasted." I too, strongly oppose the electoral college, but a Democratic vote in Utah, though it may not be counted, is never wasted. The more we close the gap, the more purple we become, and the more likely it becomes for a Democratic candidate to stand a chance in Utah in the future.

amelia said...

HAHAHAHAHA - this is awesome. You saw my previous post that Utah is no longer the reddest state - hope it stays that way!