Thursday, January 8, 2009

Um. Zipcar.

So I know that after my long absence from blogging, a comeback post talking yet again about Zipcar is far from exciting. Sorry. My well has run a little dry lately, without much of a drive to blog. Christmas and New Year's were amazing - nearly two weeks home with the fam was just what the doctor ordered. Things in D.C. are swell, and we're all excited/nervous for the chaos that is certain to come with Inauguration Day. Edison is still, you know, Edison. Maybe one day I'll find something more to blog about. Oh, by the way - congratulations to Brian for becoming an official blogger for the Tyra Banks show! Seriously: PROUD FRIEND!!!

But the point of this post is simple: Zipcar really was the right choice for me, even more than I thought it would be. I just took a glance at my five months' worth of bills from Zipcar, since I started using the program in August, and I was pretty much floored. Check it out for yourself:
  • Aug. 9-Sept. 8: $178.34
  • Sept. 9-Oct. 8: $215.19
  • Oct. 9-Nov. 8: $39.05
  • Nov. 9-Dec. 8: $319.56
  • Dec. 9-Jan. 8: $158.91
  • Total: $911.05
Five months' worth of all the car usage I have needed, including preplanned trips and last-minute jaunts, for less than $1,000. Compare that to when I owned my own car. My monthly car payment was $411. Insurance was $144.71. Those two costs alone, over five months, would have totaled $2,778.55. I have saved $1,867.50, if you don't count gas (which I don't pay for with Zipcar), maintenance and upkeep, registration, parking permits, etc. etc. Add in gas alone and I'm sure I have saved well more than $2,000. That's a lot of money! Hooray for that!

That's all. Something more exciting coming soon. Well... coming eventually. If you're lucky. :)


SB said...

That is so cool! I'm proud of you! But two weeks in south Jordan and not a single call? Next time try to fit me in for a lunch at least, ok? xoxo

amelia said...

WHOA! That is huge!

I'm bummed we kept missing each other when you were down :( (up?) I'm hoping to make a trip out to DC this year to see my sister - I'll let you know.

Link to Brian's blog! That's so cool!

King Jimmie said...

I would say that saving $2,000 is not only blog-worthy, but also kick ass.

Spenc said...

I'm doing the Debbie-Reynolds-as-Grace's-mom I-told-you-so dance right now. Not in a neener-neener way, but in a yay-for-you way!

Woah. That's a lot of hyphens...

Jacelle said...

woah...why was your insurance so high...mine is only like $85 a month and I have like 3 tickets. Still well done on the decision to get rid of your car, even though I was against it. Sounds like you have saved a ton. PS I am really bummed that I missed you when you were here...