Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cherry blossoms

One of Washington's most popular spring attractions is the blooming of the cherry blossoms. Today, some coworkers and I headed down to the Tidal Basins to check them out, a week or so before the blossoms are supposed to "peak." We were hoping to beat the crowds. We didn't. But even with the huge crowds, it was a great day. It started with a visit to the National Museum of African Art, which had some really cool stuff. No photos are allowed, so you'll just have to come visit me and we can go see it in person. But I did get some photos of the blossoms on the National Mall and along the shores of the Tidal Basins. Enjoy!

I loved this policeman and the little kid wearing his hat:

And, apropos of nothing, a gratuitous dog shot:


Anonymous said...
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Joe said...

If those cherry blossoms aren't in peak now, I wonder what it will look like when they hit that point, because those trees are awesome. I was in Washington in May 2002 and we walked along that same area, but of course, no blossoms. Glad you got to see them. Thank Japan for me.

Spenc said...

Holy Cow! Those are amazing. If I weren't headed out of town this weekend, I would totally be making a trek down to see them - they are the second most amazing thing in DC (ya, you're the first ;-)

doug said...

I wish you were coming this weekend, too, Spence! I miss you! Come see me soon! :)

amelia said...

What is that blurriness around your crotch? Did the ghost of a war veteran float into your picture?

And I, too, LOVE your policeman picture. Dad and daughter - too cute.

doug said...

First, Amelia, I knew someone would reference my crotch halo, and I knew it would probably be you. I think there was dust on my lens.

And second, the little kid with the cop was a son, not a daughter, but cute either way.