Friday, April 25, 2008

Falling waters

There is a park in the neighborhood next to mine called Meridian Hill-Malcolm X Park that is one of my favorite places in D.C. I first discovered it on a drizzly, cold November day when my mom was visiting and we were wandering around town. At that point, the park's water features had been drained for the winter, but it was still pretty clear how cool it was. Lots of random statues of people like Dante, Joan of Arc and President James Buchanan; big open spaces of grass with colorful trees all around and lots of little nooks and hidden places with benches; big, elaborate staircases and dramatic changes in altitude throughout the park. The centerpiece is a big water feature, a 13-basin cascading fountain that recirculates from two fountains at the top, down the cascade, into a pool at the bottom, and then back up to the fountains. All along the way are gargoyles with water spewing from their mouths. Anyway, the water recently came back for the spring, and today I walked through it for the first time. These photos won't come close to illustrating what a beautiful, peaceful scene it is, but at least you can see that it's pretty cool. You can click on them to see them bigger.

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