Saturday, April 19, 2008

Name game

So one of the really interesting things about where I work is the strange way that the world's fastest-growing nonprofit manages to hire over and over again people with pretty much the same name. Since I started working at the U.S. Green Building Council seven months ago, we have probably hired between 30 and 40 people. And yet there remain a pretty set number of names of employees here - maybe 10 different names? OK, that's an exaggeration, but for some reason, the people who hire USGBCers like to hire people with the same names. I will try to sum up, from least-interesting to most-interesting.

There are two Dougs. I am one of them.

There are two Joes.

There are two Megans.

There are two Jessicas.

There are two Toms.

There is a Rob and a Robert.

There is a girl Cory and a boy Cory.

There is a boy Courtney and a girl Courtney.

There are two Chrises and one Christopher.

There are two Nickies in our accounting department. There is also a Nick.

There are three Laurens. Two of them are on my team, the communications team. There was a fourth Lauren who recently quit. There is also a Laura.

There are two Ashleys. One of them is on my team, and the other is likely my best friend at work (our human resources coordinator).

There are several Jens and Jennifers. I'm not going to bother to count them.

There are two Bryan H's. That does not include the Brians.

In our IT/technology team there is a Namrada and a Narmada.

The manager of our LEED for Homes team is named Batya. A recently hired member of the LEED for Homes team is named Melanie. Her middle name is Batya.


amelia said...

Oh yeah? Well I only have one Doug in my life...and it's you.

But seriously, that's confusing. There is no way I'd keep track of all the double names.

Marie said...

Joe and I read this post awhile back and were laughing out loud. We just forgot to comment. You have got to be kidding about Namrada and Narmada. Funny stuff.