Friday, October 19, 2007

Another one

Today, the big Web site I've been working on, The Green Home Guide, went live today! So check it out!

And now, I'm back to hanging with Jimmie and Steph!!!


Leahtard said...

Nice! Tell Jimmie I say hello. I sent you an email on gmail, too. You never email me back though. :-)

amelia said...

WOW - congrats! That is a cool web site! How exciting to be a part of that. And have fun with your bro and his girlfriend!

Kersten said...

NICE. I've already read the "Green renovation" section, but here's my beef — why not more tips? Also, what about tips for people in multi-tenant housing, such as condos or apartment buildings? That was a shamelessly self-interested question, huh?

Plus, why is green stuff so hellaciously expensive? Can you talk to the green cabal and get them to lower prices???!?

I think I'm going to blog about you again and mention this site. So, you know, my mother who doesn't read my blog can not read about the green home guide...sigh.