Monday, October 8, 2007


I just had a fantastic weekend in Richmond, Va., with Aunt Terri and cousins Hank, Matt and Chris. I love being close enough to zip down and hang out (though, between the traffic and the dog vomit, it wasn't so much a "zip") and this weekend was so much fun!

But as is usually the case for me, I kept forgetting to use my camera - except on Hank. I wonder what percentage of the videos I have taken on my camera involve children. I'm guessing at least 75%. Anyway. These videos all come after the pinnacle of each situation's cuteness, but this is Hank, so you know they're cute anyway!

First, this one, in which we learn that Hank knows what he likes - and he LOVES "Baby Love."

And he also knows what he doesn't like.

And finally, I think this kid's got a future in the car wash business.


Leogirl said...

Hank has a striking resemblance to you. Like two peas in a pod, really.

amelia said...

What a cute little wardrobe - Hank is stylin'! Is he a little cousin?