Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Meet the Roomba

Early last week, I found myself with some birthday money and a woot deal too good to refuse. My very own robot! Clean your floor - no you required. That's right. I got a Roomba:

Call it laziness. I guess it kind of is. I just HATE vacuuming. And, more importantly, I LOVE the idea of having this geeky little smart gadget. It zips around the room, plotting its most efficient path. And it just cleans its little heart out all the while.

Look out, Roomba! A big pile of dirt:

(Please note: My floor isn't really that dirty. I put that dirt there just to test the Roomba out.)

Roomba senses when it crosses an especially dirty area and it spins and spins over that area to give it extra cleaning. You can set up little artificial walls using infrared, confining the cleaning to one area. And when it's all done, it goes back home:

And, perhaps most shocking of all, even Edison kind of likes Roomba:


Leahtard said...

Dude, I totally wanted to get a Roomba but I was afraid it would choke to death on all the Wheezy hair. Congrats on the newest member of your household! We ran an article recently about how people name their Roombas and talk about them as "him" and become emotionally attached. :-)

amelia said...

I am so jealous! I have always aspired to own a Roomba - I think our house is too small for it to even move around efficiently though :) I'm glad you posted a video with Edison and the Roomba because I seriously was wondering how he'd handle it.